15-16 february 2019 - business link prague


Join us in shaping the future and become part of the first edition of the Innovative Blockchain Hackathon, which will bring together programmers, graphic designers, developers and other technology enthusiasts in order to jointly create innovative projects using the Hyperledger Composer and Blockchain Fabric technologies.


grand prize CZK 100,000



Join the hackathon on blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) and to respond to the following core challenges:

  • New businesses: How do blockchain/DLTs challenge and transform the existing infrastructures and institutions? What new and unexpected, social, technical and business models they bring about in areas such as offer for managing data and, assets, global trade, etc.?

  • Legacy technologies and procedures: How to integrate blockchain/DLTs with existing procedural, operational, social and technical infrastructures? Can it improve the efficiency and transparency of business and governance?

  • Emerging technologies: How to integrate blockchain/DLTs with various branches and methods of AI, machine learning? How to use existing and new sources of data (IoTs, satellites, biochips etc.)?  

  • Code-enforced contracts: How can the self-executing function of blockchains/DLTs facilitate, verify, and enforce the negotiation or performance of agreements?

  • Blockchain for good: how to use the emerging technology in areas such as fighting the climate change or supporting human rights? How can blockchain/ DLT enhance consumer confidence and support more ethical and sustainable business practices?

  • Monetizing and protecting creativity, art and design: How can immutability and integration of blockchain/ DLTs help protect intellectual property? Can we use it to establish new ways of intellectual creation and dissemination?  

  • Can we create blockchains that care for human rights? Can we design ethical blockchains that fight slavery or improve climate change?    

  • What are the possibilities and limits of automation and governance over the so called “smart contracts”? How to support regulations and standards over blockchain/DLTs, improve consumer confidence and support more ethical and sustainable business practices?  

  • What is the future of creativity, art and design over blockchain/DLTs? What are some reflective and critical uses of such technologies, but also “white/black hat” misuses of such technologies?


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