DAvid Enc - Facilitator of the hackathon

David is dreamer who loves to peer over horizon, visualize it in detail what the future might hold, and this detailed picture keeps pulling me forward, into tomorrow. In a third decade of working with and helping people to grow, be successful and happy. His focus is on the intersection between people and technology to create innovative solutions that generates new sustainable businesses.



Denisa Reshef Kera, Ph.D.

Senior Research Fellow, University of Salamanca, BISITE group

Dr. Denisa Kera is a philosopher and designer that experiments with various creative strategies of public engagement in emerging science and technology issues. She uses design methods (UX, critical design, design fiction, future scenarios, participatory design), ethnography and prototyping to research STS (Science, Technology and Society) issues. She spent the last decade as an Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore, Senior Lecturer of Future Design in Prague College, and most recently as a Visiting Assistant Professor in Arizona State University, where she continues to cooperate as an affiliate member with the Centre for the Study of the Future. She is joining the BISITE group as a Marie Curie Senior Fellow to research Distributed Ledger Technologies (blockchain) and applications (smart contracts). Currently, she is "translating" Shakespear's play "Merchant of Venice" into a Hyperledger business network and transactions (smart contracts) to demonstrate the possibilities and limits of this emergent infrastructure and involve various stakeholders in the deliberation about the future of DLTs.

Info: LinkedIn / Academia

Tomas Zilavy

Tomas works for IBM in public sector sales and is exploring opportunities for blockchain adoption for Czech government and public institutions. He has a Slovak nationality, however, prior to joining IBM in Czechia, he lived in Scotland and Sweden, where he got his MA in Economics and Business Management. Tomas is a visionary, but only believes in blockchain projects that bring tangible value to his clients. In his spare time he pursues martial arts and hold a black belt.

Tomas Zilavy.jpg


Čeněk Rauscher

Head of Mobile Application Development, OKsystem a.s.

 He is the Poject Manager  of secure communication platform Babelnet, available on Android, iOS (both mobile and desktop) and Windows desktop. This innovative solution enables both private and commercial users to securely exchange messages, files and also to use secure voice communication (via VoIP). Besides advanced end-to-end encryption it uses broad portfolio of cutting edge technologies including blockchain. Records once written in blockchain DB are later on used by communicating parties for automatic mutual verification of authenticity of their public keys. This mechanism contributes even more to trust and security of communication.

 His team develops and delivers tailor-made applications for broad variety of customers  including International Floorball Federation App, EAuto Care App or popular ČHMÚ and ČHMÚ+  weather apps (for Czech hydrometeorological insitute) used by 400+ thousands satisfied users in Czech republic recruiting from both broad public and professional community.

Miroslav Iwachow

Industry Sector Technical Leader driving strategy for IBM and clients in CEE with leading Industry Solutions and Client Business transformation.

Miroslav Iwachow is thought leader and Executive Architect with a strong international background as Global Client Technical Advisor for large T&T Clients and experience with Watson IoT solutions. Recognized as an Industry expert with deep knowledge of IoT and Industry 4.0.  Speaking engagements at Universities and Conferences on leading edge technologies such as IBM Blockchain, Watson, Industry 4.0 



Petr kapoun

Petr is an enthusiast to technologies, start-ups and with a vision of changing today´s society at least a little bit (to it´s better). Throughout the years he was at the establishing of dozens of companies.

To this day he is in startu-up environment. He established Cape Free company, which supports and invests to newly born companies. He spreads education about finance, building start-ups, investments and mainly space activities in the Czech Republic.

In 2014 he co-established space start-up S.A.B. Aerospace, which is engaged in development of space technologies. Last but not least he initiates opening of technological centre Tech Nest, where will be developed a teleport in the future.

Miloš lokajíček

Miloš is business, project and technology advisor, mentor and consultant in startup and implementation projects. He supports Prague Startup Centre and collaboration across diverse disciplines and organizations. His motto is „Fail fast and cheap“.



Antonio Nasuto

Antonio is a Director Commercial Sales, Central and Eastern Europe at IBM and has successfully transformed businesses and led them to growth, always leading with passion, integrity and from the front. He is an excellent negotiator who leverages data and facts as well as his experience and intuition to make sound business judgements. 

Antonio genuinely enjoys developing talents and he freely shares his experiences and best practices to help others be successful.


Pavol Dobiáš

Full-stack software engineer, years of experience developing all type of custom made software using languages like Java ver. 6-8 (J2EE, JEE) and technologies like Spring Framework, Hibernate, Jackson, Jersey, JPA, SOA/REST. I’m focused in IBM Blockchain. We’re organizing several meetup’s , hackathon’s and sharing there possibilities with this modern technology. I’m very excited and I can see very bright future for product IBM Blochckain. I’m involved to several Blockchain initiatives and I’m participating on solutions based on IBM Blockchain. 

Angelika Dudova.png

Angelika Dudová

Angelika has been in the field of advertising and marketing for 12 years. She worked for several advertising agencies such as Wunderman. Currently, she is focusing on developers and startups support and building IBM startup ecosystem.

Info: Linkedin

Daniel štefl

Daniel is a software engineer specialised in AI, data science and blockchain. He holds P.hD. degree in electronics and informatics. Prior to co-founding SSF | Space Systems Czech, Daniel worked at the European Space Agency. Currently, he participates in an asteroid prospecting mission and a blockchain platform for global marine logistics.

Daniel Stefl.png


Jan Louda

Honza Louda is a non-technical enthusiast in all the technology that works. He likes to make people innovative workshops, organizes hackathons, design educational programs for schools. He devotes himself to design approaches such as HCD (human-centered design), design sprint, enterprise design thinking that he uses in everyday practice, and passes on. He created IoT laboratory which successfully runs at 7 schools where students create new prototypes of IoT solutions. He launched TJBot in the Czech Republic - a cardboard robot with artificial intelligence. Each of the projects is like school for him which moves him forward and fulfills it.

Jiří Batěk

Jiri is in charge of IBM's Global Technology Services (GTS) division in Czech republic and Slovakia, managing the sales, design delivery and support of complex IT services to large clients. Throughout his 25 year career, Jiri has run his own business and worked for large multinational companies in a number of locations in Europe, US, Asia and Africa. His hands-on managerial experience spans from startups to the development and delivery of large and complex telecom and IT infrastructure projects. With respect to the blockchain, Jiri, and the IBM division he oversees, intend to lead the practical implementation and operation of IT technologies needed to support use cases across multiple industry sectors: public services, financial services, retail, healthcare and logistics - with a special focus on seamless integration into clients' existing systems.

Jiří Batěk.jpg

Karolina Marzantowicz 3.JPG

Karolina Marzantowicz

An enthusiast of the latest technologies and innovations, specializing in digital transformation projects and creating modern business concepts. A technical executive adviser to many companies and institutions, mainly from the financial sector, in the field of driving organizational agility and introducing new IT solutions, such as: Blockchain/DLT, artificial intelligence, IoT, quantum computation. IBM Distinguished Engineer, IBM Academy of Technology Member, currently IBM CEE Chief Technology Officer, she develops actively IBM CEE Blockchain team and projects. A recognized speaker at national and world conferences, an author of numerous publications and guest lecturer at universities. Recognized in 2017 as one of the top 20 women in FinTech.

Marek Aldorf

Marek works as ESA BIC Prague Programme Manager at the CzechInvest. His aim is to look for entrepreneurs and young start-ups with innovative ideas for exploiting space technologies and help them to develop their non-space businesses on Earth.



Pavel Bartoš

Pavel is a startup expert, helping startups to find out who their ideal customers really are and how to build the whole startup around them. He is a co-founder of Happyend., startup agency, and he cooperates with various incubators, accelerators and startup programs such as Google Launchpad, European Space Agency Business Incubator or CzechInvest. He likes to work with data and proven facts rather than assumptions and thoughts.

Petr Mandik

Petr is specialist for startups, helping them to find out who their ideal customers really are and how to build the whole startup around them. He likes to work with data and proven facts. He is a mentor at Google Launchpad, Czech Invest and ESA BIC.



Marek Sedláček

Marek is a software engineer with extensive experience in various positions related to problem identification, data collection, processing and data visualisation, database design, big-data development and software testing. He has been participating in many projects, from military, R&D for Czech public administration, to spacecraft development projects. Additionally, he collaborated with Czech Technical University and Technical University of Ostrava on several telco projects. Besides that, he served in Czech contingent deployed in ISAF mission. Moreover, he is interested in Distributed Ledger Technologies and other drivers of ongoing digital revolution for the betterment of humanity. He holds Doctoral degree (PhD.) in Telecommunication Engineering from Faculty of Electrical Engineering, at Czech Technical University in Prague.

Radka Kittová

Radka works as a software engineer, front-end developer and project manager for web-based projects in Space Systems Czech. She is specialized in implementing modern web technologies, mainly for healthcare industry. To this day, she also participates in Blockchain  platform for global marine logistics and in initiative of Blockchain for Healthcare. 



Nik Page

Nik believes a better future is worth taking risks, challenging “common wisdom”, and pissing people off on the way to discovering genuine inspiration. He also believes that better a future entirely within our grasp and that it’s the only thing really worth the effort. He started doing all that in UI testing and design when UI’s were distributed on floppies and CDs. He has been part of their evolution from those early days before a public internet, in San Francisco. Along the way he learned the interface (UI) is NOT experience (UX) and that in design, Best Practices often lead to failure. He’s worked for start-ups and global corporations where he always pushed for better User Experience focused design. Currently Nik is a startup mentor, an experience positioning strategist & designer, a Google Developer Expert, and a fanatic about designing the future. He promotes user experience strategy & design in crypto as the way to mass adoption and eventual social changes.

Maciej Jędrzejczyk

Blockchain Leader, Central and Eastern Europe
Maciej is focused on blockchain solutions and services, delivery practice and technical excellence in the CEE region. Maciej has been working with key IBM clients to develop enterprise blockchain use cases, design the overall solution architecture, and to provide an oversight of ongoing commercial projects.  Maciej also leads the effort in building a critical mass of support by evangelising a general adoption of blockchain in public forums, government and academia. Maciej represented IBM in matters related to blockchain in Parliament, Ministry of Digital Affairs (Blockchain and Digital Currencies Working Party) and Financial Supervisory Commission and Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications in Poland.

Jedrzejczyk Maciej.JPG


Ondřej Šváb

Ondrej Svab works as Head of Space Technologies and Applications Unit at Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, where he is involved in European space programmes and policy, and Earth observation. He is also a member of the National secretariate GEO/Copernicus.

Tomáš Benedikt

Lead R&D developer

Full-stacked with love for Vue.js and sometimes PHP too - in his team they are testing new technologies and are producing POC for our new products and now they are optimize their distribution strategies.

Tomas Benedikt.JPG

Martin Rouček.jpg

Martin Rouček

Net magician

A full-stack experimentator in .NET and Java Scripts, who has been predominantly supply chain predictors for the past two years.

Tomáš Formánek


A semi-founder of Logio. He has decided to change the supply chain world.

Muzes podnikat-0103 (1).jpg


Tomáš Ammer

Business Development Director, OKsystem a.s.

IT professional with 20+ years of experience. After graduation at University of Economics in Prague (Faculty of Informatics and Statistics) he worked for global companies Oracle, Microsoft and Ness, where he was in charge of key technological projects for major public sector customers (General Health Insurance Company, Czech Statistical Office, Czech Cadastre, Ministry of Agriculture  etc.). In 2016 he joined OKsystem management team as Business Development Director. Tomáš is responsible for business development at existing key accounts as well as finding new business opportunites for OKsystem in Czech republic and abroad.

Jiří pětník

Jiří has been working at IBM since 2009. He went through IBM Software group focusing on endpoint management and cloud solutions. Currently, he is a member of IBM Services team responsible for custom-built solution architectures and development (mainly in Java and Node.js). He also participates in local IoT/AI team working on projects in the area of Internet of Things.



Petra Hubačová

Country Manager at Business Link

In 2010, Petra had founded one of the first coworking space targeted at startups - Techsquare. She then applied her skills at Česká Spořitelna, where she had build the first internal incubator for innovations and later on in ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab, where she worked on projects connecting the startup environment with ŠKODA AUTO supporting innovations.

She is currently the head of Czech branch of polish-based coworking giant - Business Link, which is backed by Skanska. Business Link has opened in October 2018 and is located in the Visionary building in Holešovice. It offers premium office space and coworking for 650 persons. Business Link’s clients are freelancers, small and medium companies and corporates.

Petra recharged her well-needed energy from traveling, jogging, yoga, surfing and her son Prokop.

Additionally, Petra is also part of the following projects:

Ambassador of Czech brand Pura Vida

Member of a jury board in Via Foundation

Mentor at iKids 2019

Maria Staszkiewicz

Studied Linguistics, International Relations and European Studies in Poland and Germany. Afterwards, she worked in the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union in Brussels. Since 2010, she has been living in Prague where she served as Director of the Association for International Affairs and later as Deputy Director of the Aspen Institute Central Europe. Currently, she is leading the Czech FinTech Association. She is interested in the digital economy and the social impact of digitalization.


Sarah Wiesner

Sarah is a team member of the Bitcoin Embassy of Tel-Aviv and an expert on open blockchain currencies and applications with a half decade of experience. She has given full talks and presentations as well as panel appearances in cryptocurrency and developers convention on the subjects of open block-chain governance, the cryptocurrency world, and introductions to bitcoin both in Israel and in Europe. As an activist at the walk-in Bitcoin Embassy in Tel-Aviv she has helped over the last 3 years countless of people with understanding and using Bitcoin and has organized talks, workshops and panels as well as leading two successful Bitcoin Embassy developer focused hackathons- the largest Bitcoin hackathon in Israel.