Competition rules

Article 1: Organisation

This competition is organised by CzechInvest with the technological partnership of IBM and in,cooperation with other partners (especially Logio, Space Systems Czech, OK System, TechData, BC One Accelerator, Blockchain republic). This competition is called Innovative Blockchain Hackathon. The hackathon will take place in Business Link Visionary (Plynární 10, 170 00 Praha 7) premises on 15th – 16th February 2019.

Article 2: Objectives

The aim of the competition is to promote the use of blockchain- Hyperledger for the benefit of people and our planet by organising a public event around the issues. CzechInvest and its’partners have several objectives in proposing this grassroots project:

• To develop the spirit of enterprise among young people

• To demonstrate that blockchain technology is a vector of innovation for employment and economic development in a sphere beyond its usual ecosystem

• To participate in the adoption of use of blockchain technology

• To find future candidates, in the short or medium term, for the incubators and accelerators and other means of support to further develop the hackathon projects.

Article 3: Challenges

The organisers will provide challenges with one open challenge in 4 categories:

• Finance

• Public Services

• Mobility & Logistics

• Space Technology

The challenges are validated by the partners and available on the competition website.

Article 4: Schedule

The competition is organised according to the following schedule:

15th February

14:00 – Participants registration

15:00 – Welcome by organisers

15:30 – Building the teams and pitching your idea

16:00 – Hacking time

16th February

00:00 – Hacking time

14:00 – End of hacking

14:15 – Pitch training

15:00 – Business model canvas review

16:00 – Presentation for the jury

19:00 – Award ceremony, Farewell cocktail

The latest version of the detailed event agenda can always be found at


Article 5: Participants

Participation in the competition is open to business creators, students, researchers, entrepreneurs, associations, companies, developers, users, job seekers, designers and technology enthusiast. Together they will form teams to take up, in 24 hours, one of the challenges to be proposed by the guarantors or one open challenge. The competition is open to teams of two to five people including:

• adult individuals having an activity or residing in the EU (business creators, students, researchers, developers, users, designers and space experts, job seekers, etc.)

• and/or private law legal entities (associations, companies), represented by an individual

delegated to participate in this competition, with no limitation as to nationality.

Article 6: Terms of participation

All participants must first register on the official website at the following address:

https://www.blockchainhackathon.cz/ no later than 8th February 2019 at 12.00 (noon, Central European Time, CET).

The organizer for the competition event reserves the right to refuse access to the buildings of the competition sites to persons who are not registered on the official website mentioned above. Registration implies irrevocable acceptance of the following:

• these rules

• receipt of emails from the competition organiser

• optionally, receipt of offers and emails from the organiser'spartners

• ratification of authorisations relating to image rights which, where applicable, will be requested by the organisers, to enable them, and their partners, to use and disseminate, free of charge and on a non-exclusive basis, photographs of the participants and use these photographs, in whole or in part, for teaching, research, cultural or scientific or commercial exploitation purposes

• ratification of GDPR form.

• All source code released to the repository

Registration and participation in the contest is free of charge.

Article 7: Constitution of teams and allocation of topics

The constitution of teams is carried out freely and will not be imposed by the organisers. The minimum persons required per team is 2 people. The organizers encourage the formation of teams with different profiles and specialities. Single candidates will be helped by the organizer to form a team before or just at the beginning of the competition events. The topics selection will be open until the official start of the competition, including possible changes of the chosen topics. One topic can be developed by several competing teams.

Article 8: Confidentiality and intellectual property of developments

Participants are duly informed - and acknowledge - that the organizer does not guarantee the confidentiality of the information contained in the project files submitted. The organizer advises participants to take all measures that they deem appropriate to protect the information or technical elements that they hold, and which would likely be the subject of intellectual property rights, prior to participating in the event. Participants undertake to inform the organizers of any intellectual property rights they hold, and which are enforceable against the exploitation of work done within the framework of this competition to meet one of the challenges. Participants are reminded that all information or technical elements they hold, and which are not covered by intellectual property rights are part of the public domain. Regarding software developments, candidates retain full ownership of the intellectual property rights on software developed within the framework of the competition, and exclusivity of commercial exploitation. However, they authorise the organisers to use, for the sole purpose of promoting the competition and candidates, excerpts from these developments, in a form to be agreed between the candidate and the organisers, for example in the form of a screen shot, limited access to the development for non-commercial purposes or any other form defined by mutual agreement to allow good communication of results of developments made during Innovative Blockchain Hackathon, without affecting the ownership and exclusivity of the commercial exploitation retained by the candidates.

Article 9: Assistance in preparing project files

Several teams of mentors who are experts in different areas will be made available by the organiser to assist candidate teams who wish, on the competition sites or online on Slack: https://innovblockchainhack.slack.com

Article 10: Designation of winners

Each team will present its project to a jury during a 4-minute presentation which will take place at the end of the competition. The projects are assessed according to criteria described in annex 1 plus there are two conditions as an eliminatory criterion for the further evaluation of the project.

• A source code for the prototype committed in the provided repository (to verify and to asses technical solution of the prototype). Refusal to commit the source code before the deadline will result in denial of presentation in front of the jury.

• Business Model Canvas (without the BMC team would not be allowed to present in front of the jury.)

For the business plan part of the presentation, we recommend using this model http://www.businessmodelcompetition.com/business-model-canvas.html for which a tutorial can be found here: http://youtu.be/QoAOzMTLP5s

The participants irrevocably acknowledge:

• that they have been informed that the rules do not provide for any recourse regarding the constitution or decision of the jury

• that jury deliberations are confidential and will not be disclosed to participants.

Article 11: The prizes A prize will be awarded to the best projects. The prizes are set by the organiser and partners and they are not enforceable.

The selection of teams to receive prizes will be performed by a jury based on the evaluation of award criteria. The total prize award is CKZ 100 000 and other prizes are provided by the partners. The organiser reserves right to change it or not grant it at all if the required quality would not be met in the final projects.

The projects of the winners will be promoted through:

• institutional communication (via the websites and newsletters of the organiser and its partners)

• presses relations

• networking with the organiser and its partners

• conferences

Article 12: Award of prizes The official awarding of the Innovative Blockchain Hackathon prizes will take at the end of the day at the same venue on the 16th of February 2019.

Article 13: Change of competition dates The organiser cannot be held liable if, in case of force majeure or events beyond its control, it is required to cancel, reduce, extend or postpone this competition or change the conditions.

Article 14: Interpretation of the rules Participation in the Innovative Blockchain hackathon competition implies full acceptance of the terms set out in these rules. The organiser of the competition event in which the candidate participates will be sovereign for all matters relating to the application of these rules or any issue that may arise which is not covered by them. Its decisions are final.

Article 15: Legal filing The rules may be changed at any time in the form of an amendment by the organiser, in accordance with the conditions laid down and posted online on the website https://www.blockchainhackathon.cz/ They will take effect from the date they are published, and all participants will be deemed to have accepted them by the mere fact of their participation in the competition, from the effective date of the change. Any participant who refuses the changes made will not be able to present his/her project.

Article 16: Candidates' commitments Participants undertake to respond to any request for information from the organiser of the competition event in which they participate or of the selection committee and jury. The organisers reserve the right to cancel the application and participation of any person who fails to respect these rules, the equipment and premises of the competition venues, of third parties, etc. The candidate undertakes not to exercise any recourse concerning the organisation of the competition, the results and jury's decisions.

Article 17: Technical Requirements All teams are required to upload their source code together with description to the private repository (established by organizers on Gitlab) prior to the End of hacking. It means that effective deadline committing the source code to the repository is no later than 16th of February at 14:00h. Refusal to commit the source code before the deadline will result in denial of presentation in front of the jury. For the purpose of securing access to the repository, all teams need to provide Gitlab username / email address of selected members to the organizers prior to the Start of hacking, i.e. no later than 15th of February at 15:45h.

All teams must make the prototype available free of charge and without any restriction, for testing, evaluation and use by the organizers and judges during the event. If the prototype includes software that runs on proprietary or third party hardware that is not widely available to the public, including software running on devices or wearable technology other than smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers, organizers reserve the right, at its sole discretion, to require the team to provide physical access to the hardware upon request.

Article 18: Event logistics and related cost Participation to the Innovative blockchain hackathon is free of charge. The travel and accommodation expenses would not be covered by the organiser.

The participants are obliged to follow the rules for the venue. A strict ban on smoking and the consumption of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances is enforced in whole building including outdoor spaces belonging to the premises (eg outdoor terrace). The participants are obliged to comply with this prohibition. In the case of a breach of the smoking ban participant is obliged to pay the organiser a fine of 10,000 CZK. The penalty is payable within 15 days of the date of delivery of the call for payment by the organiser.

Participants acknowledges that venue is under the camera system.


Each solution will be scored according to these predefined criteria:



The prize will be awarded to the solution with the greatest potential in the following domains to a team that demonstrates a credible plan how to implement the idea and sell the service 3 Criteria with 0-10 points per criterion MAX 30 points in total